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Who's that girl?

Jasmine Gonzalez


Visual design vixen & conceptual creative


With a knack for color placement, an eye for editorial trends, and the drive to flourish formatively, Jasmine is not only a professional powerhouse but a relatable millennial always down for creative conversations that lead to connections. 

Jasmine is from Buffalo, NY, and currently resides in Atlanta. Her current career focus is on finding ways to make user experiences more efficient by creating engaging websites and various design comps for startups and existing businesses.

As a self-taught web designer, Jasmine believes in the power of learning through experience. She holds a bachelor's degree in Public Relations and a Master's in Media Design. With years of practice and experimentation, she has developed a strong understanding of the fundamentals of web design. she is not new to this, she is true to this. She has been a designer before she was given the title, and she continues to strive for excellence in her craft. With a diverse set of tools and techniques, she is able to create clean, modern, and optimized websites and designs that meet the needs of any project. Her passion for design has driven her to stay up to date on the latest trends and technologies, giving her the knowledge and ability to create beautiful content that stands out from the rest.

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